Meet our Leaders

Cierra Addie, Miami Fl


X39 is my easiest go-to health choice (and a personal 24/7 ‘treat yo self’). All I do is stick a new patch on when I brush my teeth everyday. I’ve had so much fun patching my friends and they’re loving it! They call/text me and tell me they’re sleeping better, they don’t feel anxiety (even before an exam), their zits are vanishing, they have more energy, mental clarity, and actually feel pumped to hit the gym. One girlfriend even texted me and said “Girlie! I genuinely feel so good recently. Like I just feel more positive.” 

I grew up with my Mom making Millions doing a business just like this. I don’t know about you but if I’m going to do this whole adulting thing I’d rather do it while making money and traveling the world. I’d love to have you join me - click below.

Katrina Rodriguez, Modesto CA


I am passionate about living my best life. I love the country air.. Playing with my Dogs, shooting Trap and spending time with Jake. I have learned at a young age that what we do to our bodies now has a big impact in how we feel.  I spent two years working with our senior citizens in the memory care field. I have seen first hand how hard it is on the family members. Let's Change That!

Shaylayna Bettencourt Modesto Ca


My family is my passion. Keeping up with two toddlers, I know staying healthy is the most important thing. I started working in the health care industry at 18 taking care of our Senior Citizens. I have seen deteriated health that could have been prevented. I want to make sure I do whats best for me so I have a long lifetime here woth my kids and their kids too. 

Mireya Cortes, Modesto CA


I am a Realtor in Northern California and understand that hard work pays off. I lost my birth mom before I turned 4. I learned at a very early age the importance of staying healthy to prosper and be there for my kids. I know that that the choices I make today will give me the edge on being here for them tomorrow. I am passionate about leading by example in the Hispanic Community on living your best life. 

Anthony Soriano, Modesto CA


My Grandma taught me early the importance of good health. She has been in Direct sales so I fell in love with the industry at a very early age. After recently being in a car accident I finally found pain relief using the X39 and I knew at that moment I wanted to Share the Power of X39. 

Samantha Mason, Reno NV


Recently relocating to a new area, and going through some health obstacles myself. When I saw X39 I saw something so valuable to share. I am ecited to share the power of X39 to those in the Reno area. 

Kris Rodriguez, Modesto CA


At 22 years old I was told I have high blood pressure.. Propbaly had to do with the 4 Rockstars I was drinking a day. Yes, My mother always said those are BAD, but do we listen at that age. Well after being told that I gave up Rockstars and realized what I do does effect my health. I am ready to share how effective X39 is. I am excited about the opportunity to not only promote great decisions but to build a life around a great income potential. You ready to join me? Click below. 

Cassidy Hines, Ceres CA


I know that what I do today has a big impact on my tomorrows. I want to start early to build a life by design. I know that healthy decisions and good choices impact my tomorrows and no one will create for me what I want so I will work wot make it happen. I hope you work with us to make this World this Best Place for all of our Tomorrows. 

AMY LANGLEBEN, Palm Beach County, FL


I am REALTOR living in south Florida, where staying young is a must.  I have never gotten any work done and always wanted to find a natural way to stay youthful without any needles.  When I saw what the x-39 patch has done for others, I knew I just had to try it.. And boy am I happy I did! X-39 doesn’t just keep me young, it does so much more than that.  Want to find out more? 

Click my link below.

Blake Santaniello, Orlando Fl


I am currently a engineering student at the University of Central Florida. I have seen first hand how well lifewave x39 has worked, for both myself and close friends and family. I am ready to widen my horizons and spread the word about LifeWave, Are you?

Hannah Rosenbaum, Sarasota FL


Animals, healing and “Tikkun Olam” (to repair the world) has been my calling. From horses to dolphins, I have colleagues of all shapes and sizes. My work ranges from dolphin echolocation therapy sessions to globally recognized research with dolphins and so much more. I grew up in a mentally, spiritually and physically healthy home. I am extremely fortunate for my mom (an internationally recognized empathic astrologer and healer) who brought this organic crystal patch into my life. Within the first week I felt such improvement and this is just the beginning of the possibilities! The moment X39 came into my live I sensed good for the world.

Terra Rose Ganem, Mesa Az

National speaker, bio-energetic practitioner and quantum brilliance lifestyle visionary, Terra Rose

National speaker, bio-energetic practitioner and quantum brilliance lifestyle visionary, Terra Rose Ganem utilizes high frequency energy, activated nutrition & earth reconnection to support clients worldwide in activating & living their true potential.

Through her private practice, immersion retreats, an eco destination and presentations, she connects the relationships between our internal and external environments to elevate and optimize living through consciousness & embodiment of inner power - resulting in living the best life ever!